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Eljer Toilet Seats And Parts Main

Case / Briggs Toilet Seat & Part Guide

The online guide for finding the right toilet seats and toilet parts to fit your Case or Briggs toilet.

Select the toilet you need a toilet seat or toilet parts for.

Case II
Briggs 6022


Case IV
Briggs 6024

Case Emperor II
Briggs 6026


Case Regency III
Briggs 6036

Case 9100
Briggs 6006


Case 9000
Briggs 6005

Case 4300
Briggs 6002 6014


Case 4200
Briggs 6001 6011 6012

Case 4100A


Case 4000A

Case 3200
Briggs 6000


Case 3000

Case 4100


Case 4000

Case 1000, 1100


Case 2nd Model A

Case First Model A


Case Old Style With Front Lever

Click Here For Models That Have A Pipe Between The Tank And Bowl

 Case Toilet Company

 The W. A. Case & Son Mfg. Co. of  Buffalo, NY.  was established in 1853

 Here is the introduction to their Water Closet section from their 1949 catalog:

Modern Case Toilets so constructed and designed to meet practically all requirements are illustrated and described on the following pages.

These Case fixtures are made of the finest vitreous china and can be furnished in a wide variety of attractive colors as well as in white.

Most careful attention has been given to the design and construction of the bowls.  Effecient performance is assured.  Tanks are attractively designed and all exposed metal is chrome plated.

All tank fittings are our own design and built to the needs of the particular water closet in which they are installed.  All brass castings of red metal, accurately machined.  Parts are interchangeable.  The ball cock can be supplied with regulating device, permitting quiet control of tank fill under all pressure.

Valve seats in ball cocks are renewable.  The flush valve is equipped with overflow tube and base of flush valve has large overflow area.

All levers are positive in action.  Attractively designed metal lever handles are chrome plated.

The fittings and accessories of our water cloests are particularly free from trouble.  

Special attention is invited to the close-couple water closets illustrated.  These closets are real conservers of water, an important item where the water service is metered.

The tank is attached directly to the bowl by means of a simple but efficient pattened connection.  This type of water closet is entirely free standing and is not attached to the wall.  This eliminates the necessity of defacing finished walls.  The roughing-in of these shelf type water closets is only restricted to a minimum measurement of 12" from finished wall to center of bowl outlet.

Water closets which are furnished complete with seat can be had in a wide variety of seat styles, sheet covered both in white or color, and in hard rubber.

Site access to: case toilet, case toilet seat, parts, repair parts, flush valve, fill valve, flapper, lever, tank lid, bolt caps, color mached sealant, tank cover, ballcock